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Partnering with innovative, high-growth companies to support a sustainable future.

HG Ventures supports innovation and growth across The Heritage Group by investing and partnering with private companies developing new technologies and approaches in both our core and adjacent markets. We leverage the world class expertise of The Heritage Group operating companies and research center to offer a unique value proposition to our portfolio company partners:

World class research and development expertise to help develop and validate new materials technologies

Long term experience with sales and marketing strategies

Intimate access to and knowledge of potential customers and partners

Detailed understanding of our core markets and how they are evolving

Team of venture professionals with significant investing and operating experience

Opportunities to build partnerships with our operating companies and research center


Investment Strategy

We will invest at the pre-revenue and pre-product stage, but we want to see the beginnings of a dedicated, full-time executive team. Our geographic focus is in the United States, but we are open to opportunities in other countries. 

Generally, HG Ventures will invest up to $20 million in each portfolio company, but we have the ability to invest more depending on the opportunity. We are flexible with regard to initial investment amounts, including participation in relatively small financings. We take a long-term approach to building value. We focus on value creation milestones with no fixed expectations for liquidity.

Our team has the capability to lead and structure financings, but we will also follow other investors into a syndicate. We will be actively involved in helping companies grow and will take board seats when appropriate. 

We apply strict confidentiality policies and procedures to protect private company information. All proprietary information is secured within a small, defined group of HG Ventures professionals and is not shared with others in The Heritage Group unless authorized by our entrepreneur partners.

HG Ventures invests in early stage and growth stage companies developing advanced materials and systems for transportation infrastructure, environmental services and specialty chemicals.

For more information about HG Ventures while our new website is under construction, please see our FAQs or contact us.


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HG Ventures is a corporate venture arm of The Heritage Group.

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